Artist Statement

Stemming from free jazz, contemporary and experimental music, our artistic worlds are fused together by bringing our experiences as composers and improvisers to the ensemble. As a duo, we meet in the middle by blending our instruments together like an extension of the other to create one sound. Our music sounds electroacoustic in nature by the way we interface with our instrument to create noise, timbre, and resonances. We push the boundaries of modern performance techniques by inventing new ways to generate sound and color. As a result, our instruments resonate and create an inertia, an energy on which we can interact with and build a piece. By playing our instruments beyond the ‘traditional’ way, we are able to expand our range of musical expression. The music we create comes from either very abstract ideas, like metaphors, up to very concrete concepts related to time, energy, and density. Inside these concepts, we explore repetition and variation as well as gestural and textural transformations. Our experiences as composers and improvisers are fused into an ensemble that seeks to spark imagination and curiosity. 

Ensemble Bio

 On the verge of composed and improvised music, Whim (Ofer Pelz, prepared piano & Preston Beebe, percussion) creates percussive landscapes by inventing instrument modifications and techniques to build an unusually rich sound world. They place found objects on their instruments to explore complex timbres, textures, and harmonies. Inspired by electroacoustic music, they generate sound through motion to create musical gestures which resonate to sound as one. Acting as an extension of the other, a motif develops to provide a framework to build a piece.The ensemble has performed and broadcasted in Canada, US, France, and Israel. Their debut album released by Kohlenstoff Records was praised by several reviews and a new release by Ambiances Magnetiques is scheduled for 2018-19. From free jazz to contemporary experimental music, Whim is a genre-bending ensemble. Their experience as composers and improvisers are fused into an ensemble that seeks to spark imagination and curiosity.

Ofer Pelz - Bio

Ofer Pelz composes music for diverse combinations of instruments and electroacoustic media, he is also an active improviser. He has studied composition, music theory and music technology at Jerusalem, Paris and Montreal. The work of Ofer Pelz has been recognized by the reception of many international prizes including two ACUM awards and the Ernst Von Siemens Grant. Meitar Ensemble, Cairn Ensemble, Ardeo String Quartet, The Israel Contemporary Players, Le Nouvel Ensemble Moderne and Architek Percussion are among the ensembles that played Pelz’s music. His music is played regularly in Europe, USA, Canada and Israel at La Biennale di Venezia and Manifeste IRCAM/Pompidou among others.

Preston Beebe - Bio

Preston Beebe is a composer and percussionist who uses technology at the forefront of his work. His artistic approach involves audio feature extraction, organic processes, microscopic and invisible elements and how they interact in space and time. Spanning chamber, live-electronic, acousmatic, art installation, improvisation, and site-specific performances, his work has been performed in France, Spain, England, Greece, Canada, and the USA.
Preston is the recipient of the 2012-2014 CIRMMT Award to develop a digital percussion instrument using audio feature extraction and to compose a series of works for it. From 2014-2015, he attended CURSUS 1 at IRCAM, and composed a work for baritone saxophone. Preston holds a masters in music composition from McGill University; bachelors in music composition, electronic music, and percussion performance from the University of South Florida.