December 13 / Album Launch concert with DAME: Ambiance Magnétiques, Montreal, QC

January 22 / Whim Ensemble @ Resonance Cafe, Montreal, QC


14/11/2017 Kohlenstoff Records – Whim Ensemble @ La Sala Rossa, Montreal, QC

10/11/2017 Soirée de performances audiovisuelles, Espace Cercle Carré, Montréal, QC (Beebe)

26/07/2017 Tandem, piano and electronics, Hahanut, Tel-Aviv, IL (Pelz)

14/06/2017 Embers, half-clarinet, percussion and transducers, In Extensio, Petit Outremont (Beebe)

25/05/2017 Parashute-Radio, France, radio broadcast of Whim

24/04/2017 Duets, Resonance Cafe, improv@CIRMMT, Montreal, QC

23/04/2017 Live broadcast interview and performance at ALÉAS, CHOQ.CA

27/02/2017 Makom, electronics, Montreal New Music Festival, Agora Hydro Quebec, Montreal, (Pelz)

24/01/2017 Resonance Café, Kohlenstoff Records Unplugged,  Montreal, QC


11/12/2016 New work for percussion and live-electronics, PASIC, Indianapolis, IN (Beebe)

11/10/2016 Opposition de Phase, Lille, France, radio broadcast of Daze and Cracks

02/07/2016 marchons, marchons, for ensemble, ManiFeste, IRCAM, Centre Pompidou, Paris, Fr (Pelz)

24/06/2016 Jazz Amuck, CKUT, 90.3fm Montreal, radio broadcast of Whim

05/06/2016 Album release, Resonance Café, Kohlenstoff Records

31/05/2016 CISM radio broadcast of Whim and Springs, Montreal, QC


9/17-9/30 2015 Koumaria Residency, Percussionist and improviser, Peloponnese, Greece (Beebe)

04/02/2015 intakes, for Baritone Saxophone & Elc., IRCAM, Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris (Beebe)

11/12/2014 Akousma – Electrochoc, conservatoire de Montréal, QC