“…the two focus on time, texture, space, and ambiance through seven fascinating improvisations…both players ebb and swell in response to the other player, with intense concentration and profoundly creative intent.”
SquidCo review on pre-fall album

“ …fascinating timbres and textures full of details.”

“The avant-garde duo of pianist Ofer Pelz and percussionist Preston Beebe just released Pre-Fall, an amalgamation of various experiments in the spontaneous synchronicity of the two performers here. While the recorded output is a fantastic experience in its own right, there is something truly mesmerizing in witnessing such performance being played live, as I had the chance to. Hopefully, you’ll get to do the same, but in the meantime, let this incredible release engulf you whole.”
Dæv Tremblay, Can this even be called music?

“Although the duo achieve a very specific sound aesthetic from the beginning of the record, they somehow find varying ways to re-interpret themselves making for a very encapsulating experience from beginning to end.” 
Donovan Burtan, posityvelyunderground.

“…chaque performance révèle son propre souffle, sa façon de se tendre et se détendre à travers les mouvements prévus et les passages improvisés. Le dialogue entre le piano préparé et le rythme est surprenant, et peut passer de deux jazzmen qui jouent «tight» à des vibrations expérimentales réverbérées.”
Philippe Dejardins, Le Canal Auditif.

“Our artistic worlds are fused into one. Some pieces sound more free jazzy, others more contemporary classical. Most are just a blend of everything because of our mixed cultures and musical backgrounds.” – From Kohlenstoff interview.

“Combinant piano préparé et percussions, les deux musiciens jouent avec cette frontière qui sépare composition et improvisation afin de créer des oeuvres uniques en musique actuelle.”
Vincent Pruel, Société de Musique Contemporaine du Québec.